Incident Response Planning

There are differences between being a manager and being a leader – critical incidents happen without warning – responses within the ‘golden hour’ at the start of a critical incident will set the scene for a positive resolution preventing a crisis turning into a disaster.


In addition to controlling the incident and protecting the company reputation companies have a corporate responsibility to prepare and protect those managers selected by you to lead in an emergency situation from incurring significant or long term personal damage.

FIOR trainers are trained critical incident leaders and worldwide providers of critical incident training.

Training has been delivered in the Falkland Islands, the Far East and throughout Europe. Our trainers have experienced the real thing, and can assist your organisation to select and train the right managers to become positive leaders in the high pressured environment of emergency situations.

Their approach based on merging theory with tradecraft and the provision of a toolkit to assist those leaders to effectively handle a critical incident is unique in the market place. However modern times have brought new and challenging threats which dictate the need for detailed Incident Response planning and the provision of high quality training to Incident Response leaders and their teams.

Many identified leaders for such incidents are ill prepared for this challenging and high pressure environment – an excellent manager does not automatically possess the leadership qualities to succeed in a critical incident. FIOR can provide training which prepares Gold, Silver and Bronze players to success in th-eir roles.

FIOR encourage managers to challenge their Incident Respone Plan by applying the following standards to their existing Incident Response planning:

  • Is your plan capable of seamlessly moving into the Preparing Scotland IEM Structure?
  • Can your Incident Response Team (IRT) be in position and action within 8 minutes?
  • Have you created a delegated authority action ethos within your IRT? Does you plan include prepared actions for Bronze leads?
  • Do your IRT people own the plan and are they accountable for delivery?
  • Is there a dynamic and effective structured debriefing process operated?
  • Are your plans proofed by table top and live play exercise?

Engagement with FIOR will ensure the delivery of the above standards of planning and practice of the organisational Incident Response Plan.  For further information please contact

Have you planned for the unexpected and do you know what to do of something happened to disrupt your business ie

  • staff unable to come to work
  • building unavailable lost records

FIOR can assist in planning your response to events that take you out of ‘business as usual’ practices.

We can help you to:

  • understand your organisations business continuity needs
  • identify the critical products and services of your organisation
  • deliver a Business Impact Analysis
  • risk assess the potential threats to your Company
  • develop a business continuity plan
  • exercise your BCP to prove your plan and test your key personnel and systems

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