From North of Scotland to Taipei – FIOR Directors Update

1st October 2016 – Joe returns from a hectic week of delivering incident planning and incident team training to the sales and marketing staff of Edrington at their Singapore and Taipei offices – 30 plus staff trained in Gold, Silver and Bronze roles focused on product safety and recall threats – huge & consistent threat of the sale of counterfeit alcohol in Asia!

Mid October 2016 already – it’s been a busy year – just finished the security audit and a list of recommendations focussed on the clients’ application to receive the Authorised Export Operators award – crucial to this global company based in the west of Scotland to ensure the streamlining of container product through the ports in Europe. It has been a long haul of 6 months but all involved are positive of a good outcome in 2017

26 October 2016 – its’ been a challenging day at The Macallan Distillery – a team from FIOR have planned and delivered a large scale multi agency exercise at the distillery in conjunction with Moray Council. Positive feedback has been received from all the agencies participating – Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue, Scottish Ambulance Service etc – looking forward to the structured debrief next week.

28 October -another busy week starts – Joe and Tommy spend 5 days at Menzies Distribution, Edinburgh delivering incident team training and simulation exercise to 40 plus staff ending with a structured debrief on Friday – early feedback very positive and staff committed to doing things differently in the future

6 November  – off to sunnier climes at the Dominican Republic for the week – Tommy embarks on a training programme for the clients internal firefighters (bomberos) and the islands fire service personnel based at Puerta Plata – Tommy had sourced recycled extrication equipment from Clan Lukas, a UK provider of rescue equipment and this equipment was presented to the Puerta Platas’ Bombero Colonel and the clients MD. Joe confined to the classroom delivering refresher incident management training and simulation exercises. Looking forward to the 2017 visit to compete a security audit of the various distillery and office premises across the island.

12 -13 December – what a difference! – Joe in Orkney delivering Silver Incident Management Training to the senior management of the Highland Park Distillery

19 December 2017 – today sees Tommy, Joe and Carol start work on a training programme with the staff of Prestwick Airport focussed on the Silver and Bronze levels of the Incident Team – followed by a series of real time simulations re-enacting the time pressures and information challenges of the first 15 minutes of an incident.

21 December – time to take breath – Merry Xmas!


17-18 JAN 2017 –  Joe, Tommy and 2 of the FIOR associates deliver a 2 day programme of Incident Management Training and Fire Safety Training at William Grant & Sons warehouse premises in Cumbernauld – great 2 days culminating in a simulation exercise and practical exercises of hands on fire extinguisher training and our new escape from a smoke filled room exercise.

25 January – Tommy and Joe delivers the Incident Management Training day at Prestwick Airport  – great day with the professional staff interacting with us and very positive results from the day with staff debating real life experience and difficulties from past incidents. Technological difficulties were experienced with the command and control exercise but back on 15 February to redo!

6 February – who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks – Tommy off to Northampton to undergo an intensive 4 days fire training – the Fire Manager Advanced Diploma.

February 2017 – we have had a couple of busy weeks picking up on a number of smaller fire risk assessment commissions in and around the central belt – Joe has commenced work on a review of a clients Security Team Standard Operating Procedures with a focus on re-validation of their Known Consignor award (air freight streamlining).

1 March 2017 – exciting day saw us re-establish the Diploma of Integrated Emergency Management Team – Tommy, Joe and Carol were delighted to welcome Ron Fyffe, a proven Educational Consultant – 8 students have already signed up to form the April cohort commencing at Scion House – heads down now for the hard work of preparation!

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