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 Training Module – 3 hour training inject

 In August 2013 FIOR were approached by the Business Continuity management of a global utility company to develop and deliver a 3 hour training session to middle and senior managers who in a crisis took up the position of Incident Management Team leads.

The client required this training inject following common feedback from incident debriefs to the effect that incident leads were experiencing difficulty in making the leap from day to day business leadership of their teams to controlling the often chaotic initial environment of a critical incident utilising a more authoritative leadership approach.

FIOR developed a 3 hour training module incorporating the theory and tradecraft of establishing effective command and control in the initial period of a critical incident. This module incorporated theory, tools and interactive exercises to drive home the training outcomes. Training material utilised, i.e., PowerPoint, were co-branded with FIOR and the utility company logos. FIOR retained the intellectual rights to the training content.

Training Outcomes of the developed module –

 Staff attending the training module will be provided with the following knowledge –

  • Refresh their understanding, and the requirements, of the organisational Policy and Principles pertaining to Business Continuity and in particular the organisational initial response to a critical incident;
  • Improve their understanding and delivery of effective command and control tools and tradecraft;
  • Develop their approach to problem solving and decision making;
  • Improve current skill possession, or learn new approaches, in the context of communication both internally within the Incident Team and externally and;

The training content utilised an interactive approach and experiential learning based on the past real life experience of the trainers.

Since August 2013 FIOR have delivered numerous training injects as described above to engineering and operational staff across a range of power stations in Scotland and the north of England in addition to the retail and marketing staff located across the central belt of Scotland. The feedback from staff attending the training module has been excellent.

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